Never Going Back

heart-583895_960_720Before I would sit around and kill my mind in worthless pursuits

Before I would sit in silence and let the quiet of life engulf me

Before I would let you wonder how I really felt

Before I would push you away and never get close

Before I let the wall grow high

Before I let your heart escape and go astray

I tell you now and forever

I am never going back

Today I find my mind looking to explore

Today I sometimes never shut up

Today I tell you everyday what you mean to me

Today I pull you closer when you want to push me away

Today I build a path for us to walk on together

Today I pursue your heart and seek to win it back in the worst way

Today I tell you I am a new man

My heart of stone has gone away

A heart of flesh is what is left

My love for you is here to stay


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