Crushing on words…

I hope some of those words come my way.

Putting My Feet in the Dirt

art-book-butterfly-cute-paper-text-favim-com-63234Oh words…

How I love you so

All I can say is

Please never go

I’d be a basket case

If you ever left

I wouldn’t survive

I‘d be completely bereft

I need the passion

Which you exude

You put me in

The best of moods

So promise me

You’ll never leave

I’m begging here

Down on my knees

I swear to make you

Sound real good

If you just visit

Like you should

I’ll even share you

With my friends

Perhaps you can visit

Their creative pens

The world needs you

But especially me

For you’re what makes

My heart soar free

Written by, Michelle Cook

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