Today I had a good day.

The Sun shown through the cracks in the shutters

A glint light upon my eyes

Awake to the world around,

I feel your presence near to me

Your breath comes so evenly

I move myself closer to you

To feel you awakens my soul

I nestle my body next to yours

You stir for second

Closer we become entwined as one

I see your face and soak it all in

The radiance it shines out does the Sun

I hold you near not wanting to wake

Enjoying the sound of your gentle breath

To wake in your arms is all I desire

To hold my love so close is such joy

My heart full of passion

My soul full of you

Today was a good day before it really happened.


This is my first attempt at poetry and I write it out to the love of my life, who has inspired me to become so much more.  Love you Babe…

This is the first poem i really ever wrote. Hope you enjoy my first poem from my blog.


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