Army Cadence – Mama, Mama Can’t You See

When I first joined the Army, the most amazing thing I remember was hearing formations going by singing cadence. Here we were around 130 brand new recruits and we sounded so weak, and along comes this other unit and it was just a roar. I was amazed that something could sound so loud and so powerful at the same time. Cadence is sung to keep us in step, we have different types from marching to running. Some of the ones we use to sing were a little colorful. My wife hates when I still sometimes catch myself singing cadence. So I just want to share a few different ones with you. Hope you enjoy them. It is hard to get the full feeling of one unless you are there live to hear it. For those of you that have served, what were some of your favorite ones. I always liked the Airborne Ranger ones and yellowbird was one also. So we go.

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