Five Finger Death Punch – “Bad Company”

I spent 2 tours in Iraq from 2010 – 2011 and 2017 -2018.  I unfortunately didn’t get to see them when they were over there. Worked 12 – 15 hour days 7 days a week on average. Some where much longer. I think the hardest part is coming back home sometimes. I want to have a special shout out to all my brother’s and sisters who have held that line and for those who never came home and those still fighting.  God Bless  you all…


Happy Thanksgiving

What am I thankful for on this Thanksgiving:
1. My Lord and Savior
2. My loving supportive wife
3. My 4 beautiful daughters
4. My 2 handsome son-in-laws
5. My Mother, who is always there for her family with a heart of gold
6. My Father and Step Mother, who show my wife and children so much love
7. My Sister who I miss dearly each and every day
8. My Big Brother, you will always be that to me.
9. My Nieces and Nephews who have grown up so well
10. My other brother(and my nephew who is so full of life and wonder) and sister (and her wonderful husband) who I see to little of.
11. My In-laws who have always giving us support and been there for us and our children when needed. Always giving such words and of encouragement and love.
12. My friends who I may not always agree with, but they will always be my friends first.
13. My Army Buddies, it is a rare breed which we are, but even though we see each other so little, so close we still are.
14. Being able to still do the job I love, serving the country I love and has given me so much.
15. I am thankful for so much more and more, I could go on forever.
16. May your Thanksgiving be full of the blessings from our Lord above. Count your blessings, you may find more than you realize.


Once Upon a Time


Once Upon a Time

When I thought the world was all mine

So many opportunities in front of me

What would I grow up to be

A doctor, a lawyer, a farmer, a fast-food worker

Off to college I went to find my order

Enjoyed the time I spent at school

Often times getting drunker than a fool

I knew after a while that this was not for me

So I knew then what I would become

For my lifes outcome

The course that I chose as I grew older

Was for me to become a soldier


Army Cadence – Mama, Mama Can’t You See

When I first joined the Army, the most amazing thing I remember was hearing formations going by singing cadence. Here we were around 130 brand new recruits and we sounded so weak, and along comes this other unit and it was just a roar. I was amazed that something could sound so loud and so powerful at the same time. Cadence is sung to keep us in step, we have different types from marching to running. Some of the ones we use to sing were a little colorful. My wife hates when I still sometimes catch myself singing cadence. So I just want to share a few different ones with you. Hope you enjoy them. It is hard to get the full feeling of one unless you are there live to hear it. For those of you that have served, what were some of your favorite ones. I always liked the Airborne Ranger ones and yellowbird was one also. So we go.

Why I Serve


Why did I want to serve my country?

What were the thoughts in my head?

I was young and had no real clue of the real world

My father had served, my brother and sister too

This isn’t why, it wasn’t to follow my family

It was much deeper than that

Something inside of me said I had more to give

I serve because I believe in this country

I believe in the ideals of freedom, liberty and that all men are created equal

Being a soldier means being willing to give of yourself for the rights of others

I swore an oath to protect my country against all enemies both foreign and domestic

As a Sergeant in the Army I know that no one is more professional then I

In the Army we are expected to live by seven main values

Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honesty, Integrity, Personal Courage

I serve because I want my children to be safe and to grow up being free

I know all this may sound a bit cheesy

Think to yourself what in your life do you feel so strongly about

That you would be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for others.

I am an American Soldier


Veterans Day

Veterans Day

Why do we celebrate Veterans Day on the 11th of November you may ask. Well it hasn’t always been known as Veterans Day it use to be called Armistice Day as  a way to celebrate the War to end all Wars or  The Great War. On the 11th month, on the 11th Day at the 11th hour the guns fell silent along the Western Front ending what would become known as World War I. After World War II we decided we should honor all those who serve so it was changed to Veteran’s Day.  So what is a Veteran.


This is a good description.

Did you know that since the beginning of this Country through all the wars we have fought both here and abroad, less than 1% of population have served in the military.

Did you know currently less than 20% of the military age population in this country is even eligible to serve and of that about .5 or 1/2 of 1% are even serving now.

Whether it be in War time or Peace time a person who has served has given part of there life to ensure the freedom’s this country holds dear.

Remember today we honor those who have served.

Thank a Veteran Today.

I have had the honor of serving with so many great men and women in my life in the military which has stretched from the last years of President Reagan to now. Yea I’m an old fart when it comes to being in the military, but I can still give them youngsters a run for their money. My wife is even a veteran. She is my rock, without her I would never been able to serve and do what I do.  Thank you my love of my life for being who you are and being my better half.