Old Soldier


When do you realize it is time to settle

Taking your foot off the peddle

Deciding that it’s time to step back

When you are young you look forward to what comes next

Always pushing yourself to reach a higher level

Moving on from one opportunity to another

When is it time to realize those opportunities are dwindling

Time waits for no man they say

So when will I know that day

Taking that one last attempt

To continue a career that you love

So much says it is time to quit

Enjoy what you have done and stop doing it

Move onto the next stage of your life

Your body is full of aches and pains

Mind not as sharp, but still there most of the time

I am a soldier that is what I have known for over twenty-one years

Not done in my heart or in my head

A few good years left inside this old soul

Proving again to myself of my worth

What happens to old soldiers when it is time to go

As it was once said

Old soldiers never die, they just fade away

Photo Credit: Pixabay.com

8 thoughts on “Old Soldier

  1. Soldier, we need you where you are, but if you choose to leave it to another, move on. You are young. Many are afraid to turn loose the thing in which they know they have success. But I assure you there are many wonderful things to do. On the other hand, if you still need the security of your “job” income and enjoy what you are doing, hang in. Either way, be blessed with the wisdom of the Counselor, the Lord Jesus Christ, who knows the path you should go for your own peace and the love and security of your family. And by the way, I don’t believe that part about old soldiers fading away. I know men in their seventies and eighties who can still be picked out of a crown just because of the nobility they acquired while in their soldier days. 😀 That didn’t help much, did it? I said “either do it or don’t.” Talk about a fence sitter! The part about your Counselor is right on, however.

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    1. That fade away part was something the Douglas Macarthur said when he retired. It is something that has stuck with me when I read about that. I have come to know that it is all in his hands, God has predestined it all and I have to have the faith to leave it all in his hands. His will be done.


      1. Yes, I remember that saying from the great General. And I guess he has “faded.” At least there are not many below 40 who probable know him now. Still heroes to me, even if I don’t get the names straight. You’re right to rely on God’s plan for you.

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  2. They become something new, they’ve earned their crosses, and when they venture off, into the sunset, new adventures await, knowing those adventure will be theirs to sculpt, theirs earned, and theirs deserved.

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