What I’ve Been Up To

IMG_2324.JPGHello all my Blogger friends out there. Just wanted to let you all know what has been going on with myself. Well I’m not sick or anything like that.  I have made that large change in my life. This journey over the past month has taken me to South Carolina and now to Fort Polk in Louisiana for now. Next month my journey will take me even farther away from my family for an extended amount of time. Once I can get myself settled in I will be back amongst you my friends. Please pray for my family during this time we are apart. Thank you for your time and understanding.

12 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Up To

  1. You are missed. I enjoy seeing you over a M’s once in a while (or some mention of you) I know they miss you badly. Stay strong. And thanks for doing what soldier’s do best. Guard and protect. I appreciate it. 😀

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      1. Bandaging came off today. Looks pretty good. 22 staples, start physical therapy on Monday, have been doing exercises at home, plus ice and walking. Thanks for checking 🙂

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