Aurora Nights

Out in the clear skied night

Two tied souls look to the stars

Hearts entwined so tight

Thinking of each other from a far

A time soon to come

So much time apart

Uncertain of if their love has succumbed

Will they be able to restart

The heavens above a sign that it will take flight

Heavenly message given through Aurora nights.

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4 thoughts on “Aurora Nights

  1. Hey, Soldier. Guess what? I googled you last week trying to find anything to account for your time out from blogging. I decided maybe you had finished your time in our defense and gone home to prepare for the next chapter of your life. You – and all you represent – are important to me and lots of folks who don’t know how to say so. So on this Thanksgiving week, I send you THANKS and may God give you a wonderful new year. And thanks for leaving me a like today.


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