Reflection 2016 to 2017


The year is coming to an end

A year that started with a prayer for hope

Soon to find out hope had abandon me

Lost in my thoughts and despair

Hiding from all around me

Pulling away from those who cared

There were times of great joy mixed in

But joy did not bring hope

Lost in meaningless distractions

Losing sight of the one who I loved the most

With a distance growing longer each day

Almost out of view

My year took an amazing turn

I found new life, I found new hope

Was my change too late?

That is an answer for the years to come

Amazing changes to my heart and to my soul

Seeing two of my daughters find their mates

Exchanging vows with the men who took their hearts

Working my way back to the one I love

As this year comes to a close

I report to you that hope has returned

Joy has lifted my heart

Looking forward to the year ahead

Thanking God for all he has done for me

Hope, Joy, Love, Happiness

May these be in store for you this year

Have a Blessed 2017

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13 thoughts on “Reflection 2016 to 2017

  1. Ahh, such encouraging words! The past few years have been tough. I keep wanting to say, “it was the best of times and it was the worst of times.” On the bright side there is always love.

    Fall in love with something, it makes life so much nicer.:-)

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    1. Love is such a powerful thing but something we sometimes easily screw up. Thank goodness that God’s love is perfect and that he loves us no matter what. Thanks for your comments and all you write. Have a blessed New Year.

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