How Do You Heal a Hurt


How do you heal a hurt

A pain that is ever present

Knowing that what causes it will never go away

How do you fix an injury to the soul

A deep scar that is always there

Flaring up when they are least aware

Sometimes a hug or a word are enough of a salve

To put out the fire of that deep painful ache

How do you help the one you love

Whatever the solution I have yet to find

But I will never stop until the end of time

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One thought on “How Do You Heal a Hurt

  1. For healing the kind of pain to which you refer, two things are needed. 1. An absolute trust in Jesus’ making all things right 2. A person one can absolutely trust. Often the healing is slow and requires much giving. Sometimes it seems one is never on the receiving end. But it is possible. “All things work out good for those who love him and are called according to his purpose. Your poem is wonderful for the person who loves a wounded soul. It is one of your best.

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