#Tuesday Tunes – Faster Pussycat “House of Pain”

The only song I really liked from this group, mainly because I could relate to. My childhood was something that was rough, due to a very strained relationship with my father. Fortunately I have repaired that relationship and I can say I do love my Dad. Hope you enjoy another look back at my 80’s musical flashbacks.



Looking into your eyes

Finding myself mesmerized

Feeling a warmth between us grow

Scanning your face I memorize

Each little bit that I look upon

I see the one I love

Then as you look back at me

I see your lips begin to curl

A smile comes upon your face

Bringing me to heights I race to climb

My heart races, my pulse rises

A smile that shows me your soul

A joy inside that was missing for to long

I smile inside and outside from head to toe.

Originally posted 20 OCT 16. For my lovely wife, my love for you knows no bounds, and no ending.

Night Songs


Whispers on the night

Passing across the miles

From the song of my heart

To the depths of your soul

Along the pathway to your dreams

I play a tune meant only for you

A lullaby to ease your restless slumber

May you sense when you wake

Of my love so true

Only meant for you


Stepping Away


Stepping away

Taking sometime today

Needing to work on something important

Dealing with an issue that came my way

Broken hearts, messed up life

Dealing with so much strife

Hopefully I will be back

Once I fight back this attack

Pray for me

Is all I ask of thee

Photo Credit: images.rapgenius.com


Becoming Us


Wrapped in your arms

Held tight in your grasp

Lips coming together

Taste of sweetness within your kiss

Running my hands through your hair

Silk threads so smooth to my touch

Gazing into your eyes

A fire blazes into my soul

Desire to be engulfed completely within you

Needing you, wanting you, lost in you

Today, tomorrow, forever more

You and I becoming us

Picture Credit: 2.bp.blogspot.com

Reflection 2016 to 2017


The year is coming to an end

A year that started with a prayer for hope

Soon to find out hope had abandon me

Lost in my thoughts and despair

Hiding from all around me

Pulling away from those who cared

There were times of great joy mixed in

But joy did not bring hope

Lost in meaningless distractions

Losing sight of the one who I loved the most

With a distance growing longer each day

Almost out of view

My year took an amazing turn

I found new life, I found new hope

Was my change too late?

That is an answer for the years to come

Amazing changes to my heart and to my soul

Seeing two of my daughters find their mates

Exchanging vows with the men who took their hearts

Working my way back to the one I love

As this year comes to a close

I report to you that hope has returned

Joy has lifted my heart

Looking forward to the year ahead

Thanking God for all he has done for me

Hope, Joy, Love, Happiness

May these be in store for you this year

Have a Blessed 2017

Picture credit: HDwlp.com


A Voice in the Heavens


Uncertainty clouds my view

Tearing me apart on the inside

Grasping for something to hold on

Looking for the truth in my sight

On what path should I go

How do I choose the way ahead

Looking at the past I see darkness closing in

Listening for a voice in the heavens

Telling me which way to go

A song reaches out to me from the nebulous

Calling me forward

Giving me hope

The music of the Angels

A beautiful hymn of love and grace

Brings me to that truthful place.

Picture Credits: deadfake.deviantart.com


Thank You


I just want to thank all of you who have come and visited my site. I really didn’t expect anyone to read my stuff. I wasn’t sure where or what I was going to write about. If you have read my stuff I guess you can say my main muse was my lovely, beautiful, awesome wife. As you can tell I think the world of her and she was the one who told me that I could do this. I didn’t think I could and I for the longest time refused to write anything. I have also been able to let a lot of what I have felt and dealt with in my life. It has been a journey for me and hopefully you also. It is still hard to believe that I have over 50 followers to this site of mine. I have enjoyed reading so many of your blogs to, it has been an inspiration in my life. The beauty I see in so many of all of your writings and pictures has really been a blessing. The aspects of your lives that so many of you share has been uplifting to me and shown me there are so many other’s like myself going through daily issues. I can’t say thank you so much to all of you enough. I look forward to continuing on with my attempts at writing and finding that inner part of me that I didn’t know existed for such a long time. What do I have to be thankful for is the aspect of being able to share with all of you and for you to share back with me. I am thankful for the wonderful wife I have who I love so dearly and my wonderful children. I love this country of mine that I have given 20 years of my life serving and protecting. I still have a few years left in me, but I look forward to my next adventure in life. I am thankful that I am a child of Christ and that I have a Lord and Savior who has forgiven me even though I so often think I don’t deserve it. Happy Thanksgiving a little early to all of you, wherever you are or whatever country you live in. It is a holiday for giving thanks and here also for some football and good food, time with family and friends.


Thank you all…



Laying in our bed you slumber

Looking upon your face I am left stunned

The softness of your skin leaves me hypnotized

Your face shines with a radiance of many suns

I cannot look away from its brilliance

Left dazed and captured in your spell

I listen to the gentle rhythm of your breath

A music sweeter than any song sung

A smile rises upon your lips

Wondering what dream has brought it about

Your eyes slowly open to gaze into mine

I cannot look away, I have been caught

Your smile grows bigger as you say to me

I was dreaming of you

Picture Credit: Favim.com